This campaign details the delightful exploits of Myrmin the Elf Rogue, Kagz the Goblin Bard, Simon the Human Cleric, and Dokuxt the Bugbear Barbarian. The party’s only former member is Jerun the Human Ranger.

So far, the gang has:

  • Robbed a manor (Myrmin)
  • Fed a village (Myrmin)
  • Infiltrated a Rakshasa fortress (Myrmin)
  • Fought through a ghostly pirate ship, finding the Soul Saber (Myrmin & Jerun)
  • Climbed a mountain (Myrmin, Jerun & Kagz)
  • Freed a prisoner (Myrmin & Jerun w/ unknowing assistance from Kagz)
  • Tracked a cult of hooded catmen back to their lair (Myrmin, Kagz, Simon, & Dokuxt)

Arrosfar Adventures

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