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  • Talami

    |_. Talami |_. | | Type | Village | | Population | 507 | | GP Limit | 200 gp | | Assets | 5000 gp |
    *Talami* is a small village southwest of [[Eytherland City]], in the elven nation of [[Eytherland]]. The village …

  • Rakshasa

    **Rakshasa** are a race of anthropomorphic cats found primarily in the [[Eytherland Jungle]]. Along with [[Elf |Elves]] and to some extent [[Goblin |Goblins]], they are a main race in the Jungle. The Rakshasa are well known for being evil and highly …

  • Kalan

    Kalan is the renowned master thief of [[Talami]], as well as the father of Myrmin, an up-and-coming thief herself. h4. Personal Life Much of Kalan's adult life was spent in the [[Eytherland City Jail]] after being caught in his final robbery. He was …

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