Type Village
Population 507
GP Limit 200 gp
Assets 5000 gp

Talami is a small village southwest of Eytherland City, in the elven nation of Eytherland. The village is notable for being the birthplace of a line of master thieves, including Kalan and Myrmin.

The village is governed by a council of elders, with no term limits. The council consists of Mysterious Aristocrats Thariel & Saris Qemali, Head Priestess Lydia Korel, Wizard Extraordinaire Denarion Mageweaver, and Tolin the Greenthumb

Important Sites

The Burning Lantern
Owner Birel Rockwind
Firehead Goblin Ale 3 cp (mug)
1 sp 5 cp (gallon)
Treant Brew 5 cp (mug)
3 sp (gallon)
Archimedes’ Bathtub Bottle Wine 4 sp (skin)
Shada Wineries Red Wine 10 gp (bottle)

The Burning Lantern

Talami’s permier tavern, the Burning Lantern, is owned by Birel Rockwind and serves the finest ales and wines.

The two-story building is built around one of the widest trees in Talami and features large shining bay windows facing away from the trunk, giving it the appearance of a lantern (especially when lit!).

The Council Tree

Towards the center of town is the Council Tree, where the Council of Talami meets.

Mageweaver’s Tower

At the edge of the village stands the most unusual building (according to elven architecture). Mageweaver’s Tower stands free and is built of flagstone, unlike the village’s homes built in trees.

Only a couple have seen the interior of the tower; the exclusive guest list includes only the ageless Denarion Mageweaver and his late apprentice, Nym.

The Money Pit

Rumors in the village speak of a cave due north of Talami that is home to innumerable traps and treasure, left behind long ago by a wealthy and eccentric collector of artifacts and gemstones.

Talami Trader
Owner Rhistel Laelithar
Arrows (20) 1 gp
Longbow 75 gp
Longbow, Composite 100 gp
Longsword 15 gp
Rapier 20 gp
Leather 10 gp
Hide 15 gp
Studded Leather 25 gp
Scale Mail 50 gp
Chain Shirt 100 gp
Chain Mail 150 gp
Candle 1 cp
Crowbar 2 gp
Flint and Steel 1 gp
Grappling Hook 1 gp
Ladder, 10-foot 5 cp
Lamp, Common 1 sp
Lantern, Hooded 7 gp
Oil, 1 pint flask 1 sp
Pot, Iron 5 sp
Pouch, Belt 1 gp
Rope, Hempen (50 ft.) 1 gp
Sack 1 sp
Signal Whistle 8 sp
Torch 1 cp
Vial 1 gp
Waterskin 1 gp

Talami Trader

The Talami Trader serves Talami’s goods, equipment and miscellany needs. The Trader’s arms and armor are provided by Thadrik Thorhold, the town smith. Anything that isn’t kept in stock by the Trader (including masterwork items) can be made as a special order.

Temple of T’iel

Important Figures

Denarion Mageweaver: Denarion Mageweaver is the village’s resident wizard. Always seen in his stylish black and white robes, the tall, ancient elf shows no signs of aging—beyond his silver hair.

His free-standing wizard’s tower stands in stark contrast to the standard buildings attached to trees, and is located just out of the village limits.

Lydia Korel: Lydia Korel represents Talami’s temple of T’iel, the goddess of elves and the moon. This classic blonde-haired, blue-eyed elven maiden stands tall in her clerical white robes.

Thaddeus Qemali: The son of the aristocratic Qemali clan, Thaddeus Qemali protects Talami as the Sheriff and Captain of the Guard. Thaddeus proudly wears the Leather Armor and Rapier of Talami.

Thadrik Thorhold: Thadrik Thorhold is the rare dwarf found in the Eytherland Jungle. He serves as Talami’s smith, a position he started in decades ago. The typically stocky dwarf keeps his beard unusually short, after losing it to the forge once in his youth.

Thariel & Saris Qemali: The elderly couple, Thariel & Saris Qemali, are the village’s primary rulers and source of mystery. Their source of income has never been revealed. The two are beginning to succumb to old age that only comes after centuries for the Elves, and are considered by many to be eyeing Denarion Mageweaver’s secret quite enviously.

Tolin the Greenthumb: Tolin the Greenthumb is Talami’s master-farmer, and leads the Talami Farmer’s League. Save for temple-day, he is always seen wearing dirt-caked clothes and a smile on his dirt-caked face. His skin is leathered and tanned by the sun, an unusual feature on elves.

Plots and Rumors

The Furry Darkness

Growing numbers of Rakshasa have been spotted near Talami, and rumors of an old Temple of T’iel to the west being put back into service under Odyr, the goddess of Death, abound.

Missing Persons

Lately around Talami their have been an increasing number of kidnappings in the forest surrounding the village. The most recent were a local child and an entire camp of lumberjacks.


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